Rand Baldwin

Here’s a vehicle I’d love to have. Gets around better than a Pinzgauer or Unimog.

Check out this Youtube video:

This backs my way of thinking - When possible it is better to have a responsive design than redirect to a mobile version of your site.

More on “progressive enhancement” and “mobile first.”

Google keeps changing algorithms and it is a constant process to really keep up with the SEO game. Better pay attention to some of the points in this article.

Good points and definite themes.

Also see http://tympanus.net/Development/Elastislide/

Video and slideshow tools to fit responsive designs.

I stumbled across this while looking at sites that use full-screen background slideshows.

Live cam for the slides? Main menu items painted on their floor? THAT’s frickin (farkin, friggin, freakin) COOL!

Google is changing their algorithms almost daily now. SEO experts have to really stay on their toes. Also see the “under the hood of search” video.